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Improve Your Finger Dexterity

This was kind of fun so I wanted to share it with you. Google wants to help you “Increase your hands’ STRENGTH and DEXTERITY while browsing the web FASTER and fitting into sleeker, SEXIER gloves” with Chromercise. Chromercise is a new fitness program to help you become faster at web browsing while “simultaneously tightening and […]

Web Browsers and the Internet

Millions of people use the Internet every day and most don’t have any clue how it actually works. Back in the day when AOL was in its prime some people believed AOL was the Internet, and I’ve even heard people refer to the Internet as that little blue “e” icon. Now days most people probably […]

Washington Photo Safari

On Halloween night I attended the “Cherry Blossoms in then Fall!” safari through Washington Photo Safari. It was just a bit early for colorful fall leaves on the cherry trees but David Luria made the safari worth while. David started off with a basic lesson in travel photography covering topics like shutter speed, f-stop, as […]

Halloween Photos – Black and White

With the exception of a handful of photos, I’ve never really shot black and white before.  Having recently read a few Outdoor Photographer articles on black and white, I thought it would be fun to take a walk around the neighborhood Saturday before Halloween and photographed the neighborhood decorations. I hope you enjoy the results as […]

Top 20 of 2000: Digital Photography School

One of my favorite photography blogs has recently reached a big milestone, posting their 2000th article (yes, this was a little while ago but I can be slow posting at times). Digital Photography School (dps) has been around for just over 4 years and I have found them to be an invaluable resource for all […]

Apple Picking – Larriland Farms

What better way to enjoy the fresh crisp air of fall than to go apple picking. I grew up in Michigan where apple orchards and cider mills were all over the place. It wasn’t uncommon to visit multiple cider mills every fall (mmmm, fresh cider and donuts). But ever since I moved to the Washington DC […]

Eye Photographs

“Baby Blue Eyes” by Shana Rae The other day I was browsing when I came across a few eye photos that grabbed my attention. I’ve always enjoyed eye images so I figured it would be fun to create two of my own and then find a few interesting ones to share. The first two […]

Mila’s Daydreams

“Gone Fishin’” by Adele Enersen If you haven’t seen this already, photographer Adele Enersen came up with a unique and creative way to capture a recent new addition to her family. While on maternity leave she started a new hobby creating scenes around her sleeping daughter during nap times.  Every scene is like a little story […]

Welcome Fall!

This seems like an appropriate time to welcome fall.  Fall has begun, and what better way to welcome it than to dig through my collection and pull up a few colorful fall photos. This is one of the best times for photography, all of the brilliant colors make so many wonderful opportunities. Dust off your […]

Looxcie: A Wearable Bluetooth Headset & Camcorder?

This little device called looxcie is both a Bluetooth headset and a camcorder that can be used simultaneously. It cost about $200 but the slickest part about it, press the little button and you can instantly share the last 30 seconds of video on Youtube, Facebook or other social media site using your smart phone. It’s […]