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Improve Your Finger Dexterity

This was kind of fun so I wanted to share it with you. Google wants to help you “Increase your hands’ STRENGTH and DEXTERITY while browsing the web FASTER and fitting into sleeker, SEXIER gloves” with Chromercise. Chromercise is a new fitness program to help you become faster at web browsing while “simultaneously tightening and […]

Destroying a Credit Card Properly

You might think cutting your card into a couple pieces is sufficient enough to securely destroy it and all data attached to it but that’s not true. All credit cards have a magnetic strip along the back that and some have a small computer chip built in. Both Tof these along with the actual number […]

What to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor. writes “8 Questions to Ask BEFORE Hiring a Financial Advisor“. I don’t know much about hiring financial advisers but I have considered hiring one so I thought this article might be worth a quick read. At first some questions may seem like common sense but keep reading and you’ll find a few others that […]