Top 20 of 2000: Digital Photography School

One of my favorite photography blogs has recently reached a big milestone, posting their 2000th article (yes, this was a little while ago but I can be slow posting at times). Digital Photography School (dps) has been around for just over 4 years and I have found them to be an invaluable resource for all […]

My Favorite Photography Websites To Improve Your Photography Skills

Shazeen Samad Photography is a lot of fun for people of all ages! Most people will be happy with a basic camera that takes decent photos they can share with friends and family. That’s perfectly fine, but for a large number of us there is a constant desire to learn more and improve our skills! […]

Destroying a Credit Card Properly

You might think cutting your card into a couple pieces is sufficient enough to securely destroy it and all data attached to it but that’s not true. All credit cards have a magnetic strip along the back that and some have a small computer chip built in. Both Tof these along with the actual number […]

TrueCar – The True Price of That New Car.

In the market for a new vehicle? Be sure to visit TrueCar first!¬†, recently out of beta, offers the ability to find out what others are really paying for their new cars. The service is free and it’s quite simple. Select the make and model and right off the bat your presented with a list […]

Megapixels Aren’t Everything.

The more megapixels a digital camera has the better pictures it will take, right? WRONG! This is probably the biggest misconception in digital photography. The quality of an image is dependent on multiple things: the cameras sensor size and quality, the internal processor, the quality of glass within the lens, the amount of light available […]